Parking passes will be revoked for disobeying traffic signs

    All traffic signs on campus must be obeyed, said Campus Safety in an e-mail this week. The e-mail said several “near miss” accidents have occurred in the alley behind Findlay-Wake Science Hall. The alleyway is a one-way drive, and pedestrians are not allowed to walk down it.
    Campus Safety said they will be posting extra officers around the area to ticket pedestrians using the alley instead of the nearby sidewalk. Motorists driving the wrong way down the alley could be ticketed or lose their driving privileges on campus. There is not yet a policy on how many offenses it will take to lose driving privileges.
 “It will depend on the egregiousness of the offense,” said Todd Pembleton, director of Campus Safety. “We’ll ban the vehicle from our property for chronic violators.”
     Previously, they have banned vehicles from campus permanently for repeat offenders, said Pembleton. He said Park University is a private property, and they have a right to allow or ban vehicles at their discretion.
 “We want people to understand this is more than just a typical parking ticket,” said Pembleton. “It’s very unsafe for pedestrians to be in the alley and to drive the wrong way. We’re trying to get a handle on this before there’s an accident.”
      Questions about driving regulations can be addressed to Campus Safety at

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